Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s stormtroopers have names, but they’re apparently a big secret

There’s a mystery in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: the buried history of the fallen Jedi, which you uncover in ruins as travel from planet to planet. There’s also another mystery that I discovered while interviewing Fallen Order developers Jeff Magers and Aaron Contreras: the Stormtroopers have names, but I’m not allowed to know what they are.

This does not seem like it should be top secret information, but apparently it is. I went into my interview not thinking too hard about Fallen Order’s stormtroopers. I liked the variety I encountered in about three hours of hands-on with the game: I fought regular ol’ stormtroopers, scout troopers with cool stun batons, bazooka troopers who fired RPGs I could send rocketing back with a Force push, and minigun troopers whose fast-firing blasters had shields on the front to protect them from ricochets. Standard videogame archetypes, but throw a few into a combat encounter and they’ll keep you on your toes.

As you’d expect from stormtroopers, their aim isn’t great, and they’re not the smartest either—the basic boys helpfully call out “Firing now!” to let you know when it’s time to block. When I brought up their dialogue, how some stormtroopers reacted to my presence with fear and others seemed more gung-ho, narrative lead Aaron Contreras explained they have different personalities that affect how they behave in battle.

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