Deep into the match, we acquire our third and final killstreak — full control over a Boeing AH-64E Apache Guardian, a state of the art helicopter fitted with surface-to-air rockets and a 30mm cannon. We didn’t fire any of the rockets, because we honestly just forgot they were there.

But we did fire 240 rounds from the M230 Chain Gun mounted on the front of the helicopter. At just over $100 a shot, that’s $24,420. Nearly five times what everyone else fired in the rest of the round.

But there’s a bit more to this story. Seven rockets were fired at our plucky little helicopter, so there goes another $158,900. What’s more, those cheeky rocketeers managed to destroy the helicopter before the killstreak reward ended (but not until we’d scored a delicious 12 extra kills).

That cranks the price up a cool $35.5 million for our little helicopter ride. That’d get you 646,041 Remote Control Apache Helicopters, replete with plastic missiles it can fire — though you’ll need to supply your own High Explosive warheads.

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